Nursing Shortage In The UK

When most Australians think about working in the United Kingdom, they think of working holiday jobs in pubs, restaurants, and cafés. While these are a rite of passage for many Australians, they may not appeal to those with professional qualifications who are itching to use them. Additionally, more and more service and hospitality jobs in the United Kingdom are being filled by Britons as a result of the dire employment situation there since the Global Financial Crisis and the Cameron government’s policy of austerity.

Britain is, however, facing a shortage of up to twenty thousand nurses in the NHS, and is turning to overseas to fill the positions. Australian nurses are seen as having qualifications, experience, and knowledge similar to what is required in the United Kingdom. Therefore, healthcare jobs in UK, in both the NHS (public) and private sectors often welcome Australian applicants. Australian nurses working in the United Kingdom are required to undertake an Overseas Nursing Programme taking up to six months in order to work legally. Specialties such as paediatrics, intensive care, oncology, and theatre nurses tend to be most marketable in the United Kingdom. For this reason, nurses in these fields find jobs more easily than other Australian nurses looking to work in the UK. About twenty two per cent of NHS trusts in England and Wales are actively recruiting nurses from overseas.

The number of Australian nurses and midwives working abroad has risen rather dramatically in recent years, having quadrupled since 2009. Nurses can enter under five year UK ancestry visas, which require at least one grandparent to have been born in the United Kingdom; youth mobility visas lasting two years, which are only open to those under thirty one at the time of application; and a general employment, or ‘tier two’ visa, which is available to anyone who has been offered approved specialist employment, such as nursing, in the United Kingdom. It is possible, if you are under the age of thirty one, to obtain nursing working holiday jobs in conjunction with a British working holiday visa. It may be worth investigating whether you meet the eligibility requirements for such a visa, especially if you are not eligible for a UK ancestry visa.

In addition to nurses, healthcare jobs in UK are available to other health professionals with highly effective remedies. If working abroad in the United Kingdom is of interest to you, it is definitely worth your while to research the job opportunities available for someone of your training.

Midwifery, physiotherapy clinic in Adelaide, radiography, podiatry, and occupational therapy are all fields in demand in the United Kingdom. The majority of such roles are in the public sector, or NHS, but demand also exists within the private medical sector in the United Kingdom. It is advantageous to have at least a year’s worth of postgraduate experience practising in your field.