Foot Pain, Causes And Treatments

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Foot is responsible for balancing and bearing out the entire weight of your body and it helps you in the daily activities and it needs to be in its best condition for you to actively resume your day jobs. People suffer from foot pain in all ages of their life and if the foot pain treatment is not provided on time then it could lead to severe pain and in worst cases disabilities. There are various areas of the foot in which the pain can be experienced and it could be toes, soles, heels and arches. Although if you have a normal pain and it does not last for a longer period then you do not need to see a podiatrist but if it persists then you certainly need to make an appointment.

What are the causes of the foot pain?

Before you go for the foot pain treatment in canberra you need to understand the causes because these causes determine which kind of the foot pain treatment is best suited for you.


This is the most common cause of the foot pain because some people wear misfit shoes and some people who excessively wear high heels could experience foot pain. Not only this but if you are involved in certain kind of the activities such as some specific sports or work out then this could also have effects on your foot.

Medical issues:

People who have certain diseases such as arthritis and diabetes are susceptible to increased foot pain and in this case the foot pain treatment is actually the treatment of these diseases. Along with this, specific medical issues related to the foot could also cause the severe pains such as foot ulcer, the damage of the nerve in feet, arteries clogging. Other indirect medical conditions include pregnancy, obesity, feet injuries and many others.

What are foot pain treatments?

If you are at home and experience foot pain then first you should contact the doctor if the pain prolongs and increases but if it is not this much severe then what you could do is apply ice on the foot, or could have a pain reliever, could lift the feet up or could rest it as much as possible. All these are foot pain treatments while being at home if the pain is not severe.

But see a doctor immediately if you experience severe pain and not able to stand and put the weight on it, you have some chronic medical condition already. There is some recent injury or wound, or the area that is causing the pain is red and inflamed.

The podiatrist will examine the feet and would take your medical history and input to diagnose the cause and then would proceed with the foot pain treatment. Along with the foot they will also check the back and legs and sometimes if they are not able to see the reason then they opt for x ray.For more information on how to contact them, please click here.