Common Issues With Women’s Health

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Being a woman is by no means an easy thing. There are several challenges that are faced by the ladies all round the clock, every day in the year. These challenges are related to her life, health and daily chores. The female body undergoes a number of changes with the passage of time. The lifelong reproductive cycle witnesses regular changes. These gynaecology in Coffs Harbour can either be too minor or too major. Sometimes if the minor challenges are ignored for a long time they can become a major health hazard after some time. Some common health challenges that almost every woman comes across are as follows:

Menstrual irregularities

One of the early signs of adulthood among the girls is the menstrual cycle. It is a monthly discharge of blood that lasts from five to seven days is normal. Every adult woman gets the periods after a regular interval. It is not considered as the blood loss as the women are likely to lose blood that is not more than a few tablespoons every month. During these days the blood flow can be either light or heavy. The heavy days vary from woman to woman. Some of these can have it for a single day but some can even have multiple days of heavy flow. In the case of menstrual irregularities, the women witness heavy flows accompanied by the clotting and cramps. In some cases, if the problem persists the women are suggested to see the physician. Irregulars bleeding or the disturbed menstrual cycles can happen because of several reasons. Some of these reasons are usually not clear until the patient is properly checked.

Vaginal infections

The vaginal infections also known as the yeast infections appear as the skin irritations in the vaginal area. This kind of infection can happen with anyone and any time. A survey shows that the problem is so common that every three women out of four suffer from these infections. In such kind of infections, yeast growth is observed in the vaginal area of the feminine body. These infections and irritations happen after the pregnancy, use of some antibiotics and also because of diabetes as well. The doctors advise to use a vaginal wash, antimicrobial agents and orally taken medicines to cure the problem. The best way to get rid of this problem is to have a hygienic lifestyle and address the problem as soon as it appears.


The muscles in the wall of the uterus sometimes develop nodules. These are referred to as the fibroids. They are not malignant but still, they can make life miserable. Excessive pain and profound bleeding are the symptoms accompanied by the fibroids. The other symptoms include UTI and infertility. The initial treatment of the fibroids includes oral anti-inflammatory drugs but in severe and complex cases the only solution to the problems is the hysterectomy. 


Every menstrual cycle ends up with the discharge of menstrual fluid. This fluid commonly known as Endometrium comes out of the uterus. In a few cases, the growth of the endometrial tissues is observed outside the uterus. As it breaks, it is followed by the bleeding at the end of the periods instead of the regular fluid discharge. As this blood is due to the unusual growth, therefore, it has no place to get discharged. The unwanted blood coming out resulting in the inflammation of the surrounding regions of the uterus.